CIA Militarism Connection

Harry Truman wrote in the Washington Post in December of 1963 that the CIA, created in his administration as an intelligence arm of the President, had already began to exert itself as a branch of government.

Today, 50+ years later, we have the distinct outlines of a shadow government. Most people feel powerless and fearful of such a government. “It could never happen here”, but in reality Americans cannot afford to stay in denial about its existence.

NATO is today, for all intents and purposes, acting as ourshadow government. I know there are peopleswho will dismiss this. Veterans and Patriots please read on.

We now have a revival of the cold war, yet without détente. A threatened Russia, with nuclear weapons and accurate delivery systems should be a concern. That’s why the Pentagon is asking for billions to “upgrade” our aging land based nuclear arsenal. Beginning to see how shadow government works? Not in people’s interests.

A possible first step would be a revival of the policy of détente. Of course that would require cooperation. At the height of the real cold war, Americans and Soviets would play war games. A lot of these ‘test firings’ of missiles and movements of troops required cooperation between the 2 nuclear powers to insure that the war game didn’t get out of hand or unnecessarily escalate.

Instead of having Russia as a partner in resolving geo–political issues and defeat terrorism, we have another manufactured crisis in the global war of terrorism. We getting a picture here?

The CIA as a branch of government is one of the contributors to militarism. Is it not an indictment of the system that desperately needs change? Americans will not stand-by or sit idly unless their team is performing badly. With the CIA acting aggressively in the capacity of a 4th Branch of government, It certainly seems the time to throw the old playbook away.

Besides accountability, we need nothing less than a coalition of veteran groups to serve as oversight group at the CIA. And repurpose the agency to provide the most intelligence to the other branches of government, not to be empire central command.