Militarism Unethical

Our nation may even have begun the slippery slope of a corrupt empire when it overthrew a democratically elected government in Iran way back in 1953. Then, as now, it was mostly about oil. The Shah, who was installed as ruler was friendly toward the United States and Britain and even a friend of Israel, an emerging colony of the western powers post WWII. It was all part of insuring Iran stayed in the anti-Soviet sphere.

The Iranian revolution of 1979, just 26 years later, installed an Islamic Republic in place of the CIA orchestrated coup that brought the Shah to power, essentially bringing an end to American influence and re–instatement of a sovereign Islamic Republic.

This complicated matters for the emerging state of Israel and the United States. As Arab republics in the region began to develop there own oil wealth such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, the United States became more a defender of Israel and less a player in the region until regime change militarism decided it was time to get rid of dictator Saddam in Iraq.

My opinion is the Generals who conceived plans and followed the orders of an impeached and mentally unstable Commander in Chief be charged with murder and war crimes for following an illegal order from an impeached President. Or given a dishonorable discharge and shown the way to a de–tox center for their PTSD and Moral Injury. This will avert war and help ease tensions in the region. What can help to prevent any potentially escalating drone assassination in the near future is to make available to active duty and veteran citizens of the United States of America, Conscientious Objector status. This is a legal term that can protect people, defend the Constitution and protect the military from unnecessary moral injury and in many cases can help heal moral injury. Conscientious Objector status could also be a proactive tool in suicide prevention. Knowing that it is an option should not be confined to peace groups. One can still serve but not be under the weight of an oppressive and aggressive militaristic mind-set which to some observers, much of the nation has succumbed.