Pentagon Unaccountability

The Rand corporation did a study in 2019 and concluded that the best place for veterans to go for mental health care are the Veteran Health Administration, commonly known as the VA, or with the Pentagon and its many contractors. One of those pentagon contractors and regional favorite, Healing Warriors, offers healing touch, acupuncture and cranial–sacral therapies. Alternative practices have proven to be effective, but each of them is incomplete without follow up therapy, be it group or individual counseling. And most do not meet VHA standards for effectiveness in PTSD treatments.

Veterans now have more choice and easier access to VA healthcare. There is greater awareness of Post Traumatic Stress and for many veterans it is still a disordering influence of veteran daily existence. The Pentagon has invested time and money in PTSD treatment to help maintain multiple deployments of forces in protecting the outward boundaries of American empire but it appears to have reached the breaking point in the grudging recognition of moral injury. The effect of moral injury is akin to not being able to act or think based on one's moral compass.

The irony of the Pentagon’s coupling with VA healthcare the past several years has been its failure to pass an audit. Should we not be having an impeachment of the Pentagon because of its unaccountability? At its heart, Pentagon unaccountability has its cause rooted in PTSD and Moral Injury. The best guess is that more than 50% of Pentagon command officers most likely are affected by PTSD hindering clear thought or purpose. The effect of not thinking clearly, being clouded by fear, could cause someone to follow illegal orders.

In essence, Pentagon unaccountability has been an like an assault on our constitution, our unity as Americans and on our freedom. You can’t cure PTSD and moral injury torturing veterans and their families with false hopes, false patriotism, and multiple deployments. It is detrimental to veterans mental health and to our national security. The Pentagon wants veterans and the population to think they are addressing suicide prevention in the ranks and in the veteran community. In doing so it is lifting the veil to their own corrupt thinking. The United States military has deftly and stealthily built an American empire. It needs to be that stealthy in changing of the guard at the Pentagon and be forthright in dealing with its own corruption. Pentagon failure to calculate moral injury it has imposed on veterans along with their families nationally is a wound that needs to be reconciled. The Pentagon was funded and built on accountability. Of all the checks and balances in our government its budget needs to be scrutinized with as much intensity as our political leaders' tax returns.

The Pentagon needs new leadership more than our politics does. Is not the leadership that fought these “empire” wars, damaged goods? Ending these illegal wars and bringing our troops home will address national suicide and will have more positive results with veterans along with their families who meet their fears, both irrational and rational on a daily basis. That's true heroism.