Pentagon De-Tox

What helped Trump get elected was the Psychology of a con job: The “russians” made the electorate think irrationally, by operating on an emotional level; “Putting us under the ether.” We all witnessed what transpired. Many are traumatized still today by these false news reports. And all the money spent by sponsors of the MISC on false or misleading ads share this weight. What is true and evident from this news is the failure or lack of accountability within the military-industrial-surveillance complex for it happening at all.

It’s been discovered that Conscientious Objector status to the present state of perpetual war is a viable way to help prevent veteran suicide, estimated at 20 per day. Make the C-O choice available to veterans of all wars. Require all Generals, commanders, Joint Chiefs to undergo Mental Health evaluation including all the “war horses” at the CIA.

If you really want to clean up the swamp in Washington, Donald Trump, it’s recommended it be drained first. The Pentagon cesspool is the source of what smells. It starts up river at the CIA. A Mental Health front on terrorism needs to be initiated. Can we not de-commission all the "stink tanks" propping up these illegal wars? Then, treat the pentagon as an environmental clean-up site. That would be poetic along with effective.