Conscientious Objector Status

Conscientious Objector status extended to all veterans and active duty military personnel will be the true catalyst in making America great; Even be the birth of a new America. What could lead us there? Conscientious objector status can be claimed to guarantee our freedom from ill–conceived and illegal interventions. Refuse to participate in war game exercises. It is a legal response to the illegality of all wars since WWII. The present reckless war games being played in Korea and on the borders of Russia and Iran are ill–advised. The Nuremburg War Trials post World War II were more of an indictment of war more than convicting war criminals. The question for all of us is: Do we fight for American Ideals or fight for corporate profit, which have been set up to benefit a corrupt few?

According to a poll taken last winter, a majority of Americans look up to America’s military; More so than our political leaders. Yet, America is so much in the fog of militarism to have not grasped fully the abuse of America’s military and the suffering veterans have had to endure besides post traumatic stress and moral injury heaped upon it’s warriors and their families.

Many people voted for Trump in hope of him “shaking things” up. As a white populist at heart, Trump is at his core, a conscientious objector to the 4th estate. Is it not all our responsibility to recognize corporate control asserting passively aggressively, its shadow, upon the nation? The President needs to be advised ethically, of the consequences of his divisive rhetoric.

Who, but veterans claiming Conscientious Objector status and encouraging our active duty brothers and sisters to claim Conscientious Objector status can demonstrate to this commander–in–chief? Who has more in common with George Armstrong Custer than Dwight Eisenhower. Veterans can answer the call by refusing orders to participate in any passive — aggressive military war game and posturing. Exercising your right to CO status can stave off a national catastrophe.

Isn’t it time to give respect where it is due? Isn’t it time to repair the broken system? The United States military has a responsibility to defend the constitution. It can defend Americans and the Constitution by refusing to obey illegal orders. Conscientious Objector status is patriotic. CO status is heroic.

Americans need to see how its military can protect us from hate crimes andbad decisions by political leaders, by not following unlawful orders. Isn’t it time to give respect where it is due? Isn’t it time to repair the broken system? As a true American Chaplain once quipped: Coming in 2nd isn’t all that bad.

When war profiteers
are seen in the same light as child molesters
then can swords turn into plough shares.