Myth, Denial, Hypocrisy

The issue at hand is not so much the bullying business model of militarism. It is accompanied by an apparent god–less corporate mentality. The protest at Standing Rock and the ensuing “propaganda campaign” to “blame the protestors for leaving a mess” so accurately mirrors the hypocritical prejudicial militaristic mindset of white settlers towards Native tribes. It is an arrogant lack of respect. That's militarism. Indigenous peoples were stigmatized unnecessarily and placed on designated lands, lied to and overall disrespected as an inferior race of human being all based on a myth of false moral superiority. Most tribes have survived and are quietly integrating into the mainstream of American life and still adhere to a strong moral and ethical compass. Is this not what America needs to revive it from spiritual death?

One area Natives have contributed quite successfully has been serving in the United States Military. Many veterans can attest to the loyalty and contribution of Native Americans. Native Americans actually helped bring a quicker end to world wars I & II. Notably, the Choctaw code talkers of World War I and Navaho and Commanche code speakers in World War II. Most tribes consider themselves True Americans and hold values cultivated in such respect for the land and towards others. And it will be those values which will help us win the war on fundamentalist terrorism. That fundamentalism is a grossly flawed belief in an unregulated capitalist economic system.

We are at a crossroads. We have the evidence before us that greed has no moral compass. The executive branch has no moral compass; the legislative branch has little moral capital in its tank. In a political atmosphere characterized by fear and falsehoods, an honorable recognition of indigenous people’s rights can be the needed catalyst for deeper truth and reconciliation to be realized. That can come from the judicial branch and local judges adhering to the letter and spirit of the law. Honor the treaties. Respect Native American lands. Respect Native people; Imagine the ideal of justice for all. Is it not that light on the hill our ancestors envisioned? Is it not what being American is all about?