How Far Can we let Militarism Wander?

Yet as our political institutions are broken and dysfunctional; coupled with the sobering fact that we have been “conditioned” for war, there is actual talk of sending more combat troops to Iraq to fight another “ferocious enemy” created by invading Iraq? Is it not time to throw the war option out the window and give these war–Lords At the Pentagon a reverse boot camp and have them pay for PTSD and Moral Injury treatment.

As apocalyptic as the present world situation appears with war, hunger, poverty, corruption, and ecological catastrophe, we are on the verge of a promising future without war. My belief is planted in American values and their incompatibility with maintaining a corrupt empire. Everyone except the Neo–con scammers will benefit from ending endless war. However impossible it appears to overcome fear and terror, we owe it to future generations, to get the ‘monkey of war’ off our backs for all people in all nations. It is an opportune time.

We can abolish war now. In following this imperative, America will discover its lost moral compass and will power to make it happen.

Do we not have sufficient evidence that war is a waste of resources, money and human potential while proving to be ineffective in achieving “strategic aims”? Yes, there is more than enough evidence. It just takes political willpower to make peace possible. Pax Americana can be the alternative to perpetual war. It can be a reckoning that initiating war on false premises was ill-advised and ill-conceived. We have learned that war is not a solution to terrorism. War has failed the American people and the world. The World needs America to lead. But it is going to have to accept responsibility for its wars and failing in these wars. As we strategically step back, the world will respect us.

And to those who would cry out: “It will only embolden the terrorists.” Haven’t we emboldened the “terrorists” long enough? The United States Military is the biggest perpetrator of state terrorism. The Pentagon has lost the right to wage any more wars. “What did we risk our lives for in Iraq?” Perhaps it was to witness the horror and futility of war and live to come back and put an end to it? It’s time we all heal from this tragedy together. There are millions of refugees and wounded young men, women and children with physical wounds and Traumatic Stress who need to heal. Peace at home will reflect abroad. No nation wins a war. But we can win our freedom from the effects of war.

There is a far nobler and immediate purpose to serve now. We each have the power to say no to insanity. By doing so, we will be that generation that puts an end to war.