Veterans Reverse Boot Camp

4) You are entering a civilian world that is a multi-ethnic cultural environment. This civilian world has been wounded in its soul like many veterans who have preceded you home. This civilian society is fractured and It is divided ideologically because of these recent wars. Our families are divided. Even veterans are divided. You have the right to question how our nation got to this divided point.
5) You have a responsibility to let go what you’ve been conditioned to think and begin to think and question like a free thinking American. You have a responsibility to be a positive role model to other veterans.
6) Has the military advised you to see a chaplain? I encourage you to seek out your mentors and friends in this culturally rich environment available to you.
7) Utilize the Veterans Administration Medical Centers. The VA has, like you, been stigmatized and asked to do the impossible at times. It is there for you. Use it.
8) Be a healer of wounds in yourself and others.
9) Be a unifier where there is division.
10) Rise above prejudice and be for pluralism, tolerance and an advocate for social justice and American Ideals.

Northern Colorado Chaplain