Chain of Fools

The USS Teddy Roosevelt, after porting in DaNang Vietnam, takes on the morphed corona virus spreading to its sailors while on shore leave in Vietnam. Our nation fought a war in Vietnam during the 20th century, It lost the war. But the Pentagon did its’ best impersonation of a divisive war profiteer; no one took responsibility. The Joint Chiefs blamed failure on the draft instead of taking full responsibility for deep moral wound inflicted upon our nation’s unity. Maintaining the fragile empire was now synonymous with “defending” America. Near Guam, more sailors have symptoms. Captain Crozier anchors the aircraft carrier in Guam. There is a spat between 'beast' and Crozier and the Captain is relieved of his command. But the 'beast', unaccountable for the wars it’s warlords have had them fighting, realized it was maintaining an empire. Then, 'beast' sends “fake” representative to ship to chastise captain for usurping “chain of command” for his decision. Whatever happens, the photograph doesn’t lie. The bureaucrat resigns. Leadership wins tenuously because a foolish bureaucrat masqueraded as a leader.

The chain of command is broken. What got us endless war are the wimpy Joint Chiefs of Staff who could not say no to a foolish politician or no to the war of attrition it is waging against the rest of the world and the earth. Part of that war of attrition had scheduled war games in eastern Europe at the apex of the pandemic in Europe only to be forced to cancel them when Germany refused to allow its troops to participate. This posturing for war in a time of pandemic is foolhardy. The morale of troops today without the draft is almost as bad as it has been post Vietnam. Much sex abuse is not reported. Who bears that responsibility? Who bears the responsibility for morale of those under their command? The narrative that is oozing out of the frothing mouth of the beast is that the Chinese are the cause of this pandemic. No wonder the morale is bad. Now we get a pandemic and we quickly find out who the real leaders are.

A Re-purposing of America’s military is long overdue. Can we not promote heroes like Captain Crozier with a promotion and a position on the Joint Chiefs of Staff? The joint chiefs have proven to be functioning psychotics as the epidemic of veteran suicide has taught us. Let the torch be passed to a new generation of Americans. The Joint Chiefs of foolishness were not ready for this pandemic and they all need to be held accountable.