Militarism a Failure

It’s time we ask the Joint Chiefs of Staff who they really work for. What the top brass at the Pentagon really fear is being held accountable. This lack of accountability points toward waging war to effect nothing other than a positioning of troops to maintain an empire. If Americans who care about Peace and claim support for our troops, speak up for accountability at the Pentagon, we can have all of our wounded warriors return home where they can provide the necessary leadership as America heals its collective moral wound.

We are at the brink of national suicide with the continuing killings of Americans in police hands. The Pentagon created a mess because “the corporate crew” had a blank checkbook and sophisticated toys to play risk. Waging unnecessary war is abuse from the top down. Any takers here? Haven’t we enough proof that maintaining an Empire and the American Soul are incompatible? We need more resignations at high levels and we need them now.

The Japanese Medieval Shoguns and their Samurai would perform Seppuku, or suicide, when they lost a war, battle or did something to dishonor themselves or their Shogun. This could be our last best effort to defeat medieval terrorism with a public display of our national warlords committing suicide to prevent any further shedding of innocent blood. Are these men honorable to do such? Are we going to get that from the Top Brass? We have enough evidence to convict all for treasonous behavior in selling out to empire. For the medieval warrior Seppuku was the just reward for dishonor. For civilized man, its doing the right thing in the moment.

We need a change at the guard. Veteran and family suicides happen much too often every day. These military war-mongers have failed the American soldier with poor planning and the American people with little or no results from large sums of money, resources and human potential. Resign or Seppuku, Generals and Admirals. I’m wagering you don’t even have a plan to defeat terrorism. Containment is a plan for losers. Just continue to throw money and sophisticated weaponry at an enemy you created. Will somebody please fire these bums?

American Citizen, Air Force Veteran & Patriot