Nuke Militarism

The one thing this newspaper, our City Council and as individuals, can do as a step in the right direction against militarism, is to ratify the Nuclear Arms Ban passed by the United Nations in 2017. This treaty has yet to be signed by the United States. The local ratification of the Nuclear Weapon ban would send a clear signal to the military and the commander–in–chief that “We the People”, say “No to Militarism” and to the futile plan of nuclear supremacy. Abolishing nuclear weapons could be a first step towards giving peace a chance. It will be the catalyst needed to rid America of the catastrophic effect these weapons, along with militarism, have had on our collective mental health, national unity and on the natural environment.

Our inability to deal with an addiction to militarism as a society has left a trail of tears, misery and injustice at home and abroad. America has shown itself a militarily sophisticated, but wounded nation, with an illegal oligarchy and a morally corrupt leadership instead.

The truth of nuclear supremacy is a dangerous, unsustainable, insecure world. The myth of nuclear supremacy is to control and dominate the world. We the People have the power to affect the necessary change.

Encourage City Council, Civic and Service Organizations to ratify the UN Nuclear Weapon ban. This will put the necessary pressure on the Executive and Representative branches of government to seek a resolution to the present nuclear stalemate. Veteran Organizations alike are encouraged to ratify the Nuclear Weapons Ban. It would force the government to legally pursue their responsibility of working towards the elimination of nuclear weapons and will help stave off the slippery decline toward national suicide.

It’s all about leadership.