Independence Day 2020

Americans have been at war for over 200 years counting undeclared wars, expansionist wars, war of rebellion (Civil War), Empire wars, oil wars, wars for bananas, Indian Wars, drug wars; wars against terror and race wars. Judging from the last 75 years, Uncle Sam has been addicted to war besides the drinking and the addiction to pornography. Most Americans suspected Sam had an addiction problem. That problem had become chronic along with moral injury from all the unconstitutional wars of the past 93 years. Sam’s condition worsened when abuse of it’s own citizens began to be displayed so all could see. It became obvious when the family began to talk on social media and convene the intervention.

Not only did the United States use nuclear weapons at the end of the War with Japan for control of the Western Pacific, it initiated a new arms race in nuclear weaponry. The use of nuclear weapons against Japan upon civilians was like snatching defeat from the hands of victory. Uncle Sam came home from that war a changed man. He was not an isolationist drunk any more. He had several strip-clubs scattered throughout the world to go party, binge drink, raise hell and have a good ole time in the process. He was popular and well liked.

Like many alcoholics, Uncle Sam did not grieve loss well. He was like many white men, who liked to have their empires and spheres of influence. Any distorted craving for power and territory can make a drunk need to feel they control the world instead of living in peace and harmony with the world. Many of us would say that Uncle Sam has a death wish. And they would be correct. But what Uncle Sam needs is what many veterans of these wars need as well as their families and that is-unconditional love, our compassion, and a path to detox and recovery from the years of abuse and neglect of Americans.

If there be a social work agency to set up a protocol for intervention, then let them do their job. For Uncle Sam, he deserves the best de-tox facility; liquidate all Sam’s foreign clubs and resorts, and give up all the needless wars. Every American deserves a peace dividend. Let the veterans who fought all his battles assume his bank account and right of attorney to re-purpose America’s military to keeping the peace throughout the empire as it exhales. The mission is over. It was killing the soul of dear old Sam. It was the greed of power that got Uncle Sam. It was all dictated by possession of nuclear armaments; World conquest. When there is a fork in the road it’s always best to recognize it. There is a path open toward nuclear disarmament, verification and building trust amongst former adversaries. There is every reason to redeem these lethal weapons into an insurance policy towards building peace here in America. Do the right thing; adhere and abide by United Nations guidelines. It wasn’t Trump that lost this war, America. It was Uncle Sam who’s been going rogue against the Commonwealth of Nations, fighting and losing the battle since 1947.

Sam’s family values include patriotism, idealism, self-evident truths, entrepreneurship, loyalty, human rights, justice for all; all worthy values to emulate. Let’s make America Great by getting Uncle Sam into de-tox and into a 12-step program. Isn’t it time to give peace a chance? For Uncle Sam’s sake? For We,the people’s, sake?