Standing Army

When I was growing up during the cold war, a neighbor of mine offered his thoughts on the nation he loved: “America will never be defeated from without, but it was most vulnerable to the enemy within”. My neighbor was an American army medic during WWII and a respected policeman. His words have stayed with me throughout my life. George Washington, warned Americans of the dangers a standing army would pose to our constitutional government.

What the Bush administration did in 2003 was act more like the Nazis did in 1939. Dick Cheney is on record that he expected our troops to be seen as liberators. That was one of the many miscalculations these enemies within possessed, when they invaded Iraq. Our standing forces and government contract army were instead seen more as invaders and occupiers. A dozen years later and we have another fabricated enemy in ISIS and we are being told another set of lies and should fear them.

The American who attacked and killed Marines at a military facility in Tennessee recently, could have been suffering depression due to post traumatic stress. What can arguably be seen as the enemy within are well funded “Think Tanks” who have actually brought you at least the last 70 years of American Foreign policy. This isn’t bureaucracy at it’s most dysfunctional, but close. It is abuse of power that screams for accountability. Tea Party, you can prosper here.

Reconciliation offers a path toward inner gold. Instead of playing “Risk” halfway around the world, isn’t it healthier for our nation to pursue peace and reconciliation home and abroad? We are sufficiently traumatized by these events. America’s mental health depends on being outside the tank.