National Commission

Who has the civic and moral responsibility to follow their path of conscientious objection and call for the arrest of those openly violating the constitution? We can easily change the game.

Intelligence is showing interest in understanding the other person. To find terrorists, we need only look into any ideologue or extremist for they fear ‘the other’ the most. Have these extremists not “benefitted substantially” from all this war in terms of power and wealth? America will not survive an internal war on terrorism nor will it survive a nuclear holocaust.

Initiating voluntary reduction in the nuclear arsenal could be a door to showing good will, de–escalating tensions around the world, toward Iran, Korea, Russia, China and the Islamic world.

Perpetual State of War is not going to fix the economy or resolve the fiscal crisis, migrant crisis or create social justice. It will take collaboration to bring peace and prosperity for all. Is it not time to heed some obvious warning signals of the moral rot associated with war without accountability?

Is it not the responsibility of Veteran Service Organizations, local law enforcement, regionally and nationally to call for an independent non-partisan Committee to investigate this fake war on terrorism being perpetrated on the American people by the M.I.C.C.? Possible selections for this commission could be comprised of NCAA University Presidents, Academics, independent of either Democrat or Republican influence or money. This could include Retired Military who are of the mindset of General Omar Bradley; no ethical infants.