Militarism Failed Business Plan II

In addition, there needs to be a national conversation on the aftermath of this misbegotten war. Many veterans believe it was the worst national security decision in our nation’s history. The United States Constitution was usurped by initiating illegal war. Not the first time this happened, however. Again and again, veterans get a thank you for your service and a former president gets a medal for usurping the constitution?

For many veterans, November 11 continues to be another day of lip service. “Thank you for service”. The intention may have compassion, but it is most likely meaningless to a veteran suffering through their trauma or moral injury. Hasn’t the constitution been usurped and abused enough? We can easily change the game being played. Most Veterans Day observances are militaristic in the sense they aim to keep veterans believing the myths and lies about their service and sacrifice. If there is one thing to learn from military service is that veteran is accountable for their actions. There is no passing on this responsibility.

Our local chapter of Veterans For Peace honored veterans by observing the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice ending the violence of WWI. We found that to be a worthwhile way to honor veterans sacrifice and service: working toward and declaring an armistice in our current wars.