Armistice Day 2020

In the midst of the great divide between Americans and the perpetual trauma endless war has brought upon the social compact, I heard through the drone and static of the media, a political regurgitation. The voice was echoing a concern that still haunts many Americans. I’m paraphrasing here, in hope you’ll forgive me: “We need to retain the present dictator in office so to keep the communists from taking over.” One could smell the conditioner in that concerned statement and similar ones like it. It is obvious with the harassment and intimidation of voters that many Republicans and proud white men and boys with a psychotic conditioned view of the world are seeing the recent election in a fog of war because of America’s collective trauma.

In America’s march toward world strategic dominance, is it not irresponsible and irrational to be fomenting war and playing war games and risking nuclear war? If American doesn’t think militarism is destructive, then it should consult its allies, Germany and Japan, and query their leaders if militarism was a good investment. A United States of America can equally look to Germany and Japan for they had well trained armies and navies and Militarism failed their respective geo- political interests and adventurism. Entrepreneurial ingenuity and industriousness rebuilt Germany and Japan post WWII.

The pandemic has exposed the fraudulence of the American empire as much as it has exposed the ineptness of Trump to lead. The divided States of America has invested heavily in leveraging proxy war and wars of attrition with their nuclear arsenals and their delivery systems, as their bully stick.

The fraudulent American empire: Why is the military conducting huge nuclear war games in the Pacific Ocean during a pandemic? Why is the military continuing a war of attrition against Russia except to bully its greed and lust for the natural resources of another sovereign nation? The divided states of America abandoned foreign aid and invested in regime change as its takeover modus operandi with a heavy emphasis on exportation of weaponry for the benefit of its weapons contractors.

The existential question that needs to be asked: Is it not national suicide ideation to be subservient to the destructive potential of nuclear weapons? Maybe we can go back to the good old days when the military told us we needed nukes so the communists wouldn’t take us over. The Chinese communist government has never demonstrated they want to take America over. Instead, they have demonstrated they are excellent entrepreneurs and managers of state capitalism. The Chinese needed American investment to be the economic power it has become. All the Chinese are asking is for America’s respect. The same can be said of Russia. The Soviets matched America’s technological advances in rocketry and nuclear weaponry during the cold war and sees itself as standing up to American aggression disguised as NATO to this day. The paths toward mutual cooperation seemed to have always been there for U.S. Russo cooperation. These same paths toward respect and cooperation are present in U.S. China relationship.