Colonial Militarism

The President need not be afraid of the caravan coming up from Mexico. These people are escaping a bad situation in their country of origin as a result of failed economic policies (aid) exported by the United States. They are coming to America for the opportunities and sanctuary it offers; as did most immigrants coming here from war ravaged Asia, Africa and Central America, including the oppressive regimes and monarchies of Europe. They are coming to remind us of how the system is broken. That’s what “banana republicans” fear most: Being shown how the system is broken and being told how the system is broken are 2 separate bananas. It points towards the system not having a political will to fix itself nor immigration policy. The solution in the past was to throw money and the military at the problem. The money usually ends up in corrupt politicians hands or with the military, which ends up oppressing the people.

Mr. Trump, this newly elected Democratic majority congress can be your best friend. Most of them are motivated to get something done to help write immigration reform that works for all Americans and immigrants. Instead of conflict, challenge the new congress. It’s time to change the game and adopt a new plan to bring our troops home to defend the homeland; To save America from its own fiery hate and greed. It’s best to help heal those who have PTSD, TBI and moral injury along with other trauma causing Americans to be slaves to war profiteers.