Myth & Militarism II

It appears our political and civil discourse has regressed civility and adapted finger pointing. America is a tinderbox of violence as we believe the wrong myths. We are divided and myth has become a player. We appear to be a brainwashed, divided nation. Even our Thanksgiving story is a myth. The truth is that there was no sitting down at the table with pilgrims and native peoples in Massachusetts back in the day. It was divide and conquer mentality towards natives and still is.

If we want to be brave and face the truth about the “sins of the father” engagement with the peoples inhabiting America, then the Thanksgiving myth, as it has been perpetrated, serves the ideal of America. Our survival as a nation and the planet demands acting on ideals held within the Thanksgiving myth. Our leaders through history wanted Americans to have a grateful attitude for the abundance of resources that the “new world” had to offer.

The American conscience had a role in developing the myth of sitting down, cooperating and sharing because the need was always self–evident. Wouldn’t it be best for America to thank native peoples for the values they can share for our survival and learn to respect each other? Such as cooperation and equality under the law.

Isn’t it ironic that this Thanksgiving, the myth of pilgrims and natives sitting down, sharing a meal, beginning to reconcile, may be the catalyst needed for America to become a great nation?