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About Paul Gessler, poet—playwright

The author has been writing poetry for over 36 years. Desert Moon In 1981, he participated in a cross–country walk for peace and nuclear disarmament called, “A Walk To Moscow.& The former communications technician in the United States Air Force and Honorably discharged veteran “decided” to follow his conscience and demonstrate against an escalating cold war arms race. The walk became a spiritual journey of self–discovery, political and social activism. River Canoe But most of all, He commenced his own peace pilgrimage. Having experienced life at a more natural pace on the walk and exercising the discipline of poetry, the author has been writing poems about spirituality and nature culminating in this volume on peace. He has several unpublished volumes of poetry, one of which was previously self–published in 1980, “Surrender At Harmony Junction.” The author has also written a stage play about the walk, “Peacewalkers,” and another stage play, “Church of What's Happening Now.” Paul lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his life partner, Nathalie. Cassita The author is eager to share a reading with listeners, activists and actors and agnostics. “We celebrate the sacred Written and Spoken Word in our church” — Brother Paul from the Church of What's Happening Now.