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Peace Pilgrimage

Seize the Day, Dreamers

You ask,  “What for?
the world is ruled by mobsters,
extortionists and con-men (and women)
who like to interpret the law of the jungle
and make it sound civilized and legal.”

They’re really aggressive types,
willful and destructive
power mongers and war lords
drunk with greed.

Seize the day, gentle people,
artists, musicians, dreamers
of a heaven on earth
don’t follow their lead;
learn from your mistakes …
make the world a better place;
have the Spirit move you into action.

Seize the moment, dreamers
the nightmare is ending;
the underworld had it’s time in the sun;
study, prepare, participate;
the time is now and waiting
for your curtain call.

Surrender At Harmony Junction

Great Spirit Poem

Don't feel so insignificant my friend
I've tested the rugged settlers,
their tribes and covered spokes.
I greeted the status clouds
and fitted the rock with cloak.
I caressed your hills and canyons
till they answered with trees and cried;
I reserved a spot of solitude
where the sage ingest my aim;
I teach the birds how to fly
with push and gentle hand
and chisel out of your stone, a Soul,
which indelibly affirms and stands.


I've been to the mountain top
A pastoral camouflaged overlook
pleases me far more.

	This is new territory
	The discipline is reward in itself
	finding gifts, Heaven!

Sense the urgency, yet be patient
you need to get close and observe
ready to act with élan and force.

	Don't look back too often
	being in the now is the dance
	envision the world of possibility.

Always beneficial knowing
you work for sustenance
as to having to scavenge
then you have something to give.

	I am peacemaker
	doing what I can for a meal
	standing my ground.

Haiku Meditations

Earth has veins of gold
so it is with compassion
in the hearts of men

	Time to reconcile
	be that instrument of peace
	healthy boundaries

Out of clashing myths
ones that fulfilled prophets
usually prevail

	Peace is coming
	to teach us master class on
	poetic justice

Dreams Of Presence


Tell me your stories
Tell me with your eyes;
don't run in fear or hide
the beauty of all that makes us alive.
Tell me your stories
that rekindle memories
of who we are and still could be …
but don't see me as your pet
or predatory enemy
as curious as we both shall be and are,
we are tame in the spirit of the great and wise;
for our reasons for presence
is to instill that ever ever–prescient call,
be it a scream, a laugh, a gentle hell-o
or stern rebuke.
Let us not forget that this ground
is blessed for each to tread
upon its fertile bosom
and heart–scaped shed
as light and shadow casts our meeting
with a sensory delicate gleam.
Tell me your story …
don't be shy or react with cries
for me to stand here and tell you mine
is but a miracle in itself …
a life long dream fulfilled;
a memory sparked, a poem distilled;
Tell me your story …
I'm curious to know your path!

Mythic Cabaret

Standing Rock

You won’t defeat terrorism with bombs
It doesn’t even have to be a turf war
the birds and animals give us all that
there is plenty of room in our great land
for all to thrive, prosper in harmony;
there is beauty in feeling ownership
of your soul, America! nothing to be afraid of … 
We came to this land
to become one with it;
not to dominate, or make a whore
of the land and have
mutual dominion of resources.
70 years of militarism and nothing
but divisions amongst us?
There is no freedom in hate
There’s nothing but fear &
our forefather’s sins violating
our right to full reconciliation.
Happiness is not something elusive
to chase, conquer or control;
It happens when you respect “the other”
As the patriarch Abraham blessed us
with a story within, there will we find:
dignity, respect,  liberty …
the right to be true Americans!