Book of the Week:

Recommended Book

“Will War Ever End?” by Paul K. Chappell.

Quote of the Week

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched; every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

The cost of one heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities … this is not a way of life in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower – Veteran of WWII

Mythic Cabaret

Music, Myth, & Poetry is a service of pumaPaul. Incorporating American spirituals and folk songs, myth and storytelling, veteran and Veteran Advocate pumaPaul will officiate a “peace potlatch.” It all serves to enhance consciousness in our collective effort of waging peace. Mythic Cabaret is a complimentary tool for any Veteran service organization, peace group or VFP chapter seeking inspiration and spiritual renewal. Ultimately it hopes to empower all peaceful warriors with tools on their journey toward wholeness and coming home from the war in one's mind.

Poem of the Week

Do what needs to be done.
It’s time to come home
from the war in your mind
It’s time to come home
from that war
whatever war . . .
that scarred your soul
the war that only we can end
together. . .
causes that were regretful hindsight
perseverance like a dividend
but come home we must.

Are we not prisoners of war?
Is it not time to act
on all that we know to be true?
Is it not the time
to be waging peace, poetry
in rhyme with veteran unity,

Be part of the disclosure
conscientious objectors
to the scam
demonstrate what we’ve learned
in our engagements with
the brotherhood of veterans. . .
those deported, evicted, conscripted
betrayed and stigmatized
but proven Americans;
rescue them from broken treaties
from broken families. . .
from their isms and prisons
the separations; the hate bombs
this crisis of leadership
of magnanimous proportions.

It’s not about being arrested
Its now about creating the future
doing what is right. .
bring home our troops
and veterans. .seek them out
offer your hand
reach across false borders
to veterans, deported
bring them home
no more stigmatizing
no more feeling afraid
challenge cold hearted brigades
with a legal and moral stand
they will melt under light
of linked righteousness
our purposes renewed,
not forgotten
this must happen
bail joint chief bums out
pull the fuel rods
of chain of command.

We are all prisoners of war
needless war
yearning to be liberated
yearning for happiness
from this dungeon of
shadow and fear;
standing artificially to
the divide between us all
we move forward writing
letters to humans instead;
born again Americans
envisioning unified field
theory in action;
the veteran book of the dead;
all the wisdom
and all the lessons
learned as evidence.

Come home to a simmering
pot of soup and
a loaf of homemade buttered bread.
When the call was made
years in the past
we gave up our lives,
we gave up our civil rights.
Now the call is to
make it safe for democracy.
make it safe for
the returning vet. .
make it safe from
genocidal terrorists;
but first and foremost
make it safe for
future generations.

No more hate
re-purpose now. .
no excuses and no more lies!
If freedom isn’t free,
then what is?
Peace of mind. . .
trumps everything else.

Exposing Militarism Blog

Veteran Symposium September 2018

If I were to offer advice to veterans starting civilian life It would first of all include Conscientious Objector status. A path of conscientious objector status to what's happening now, would be this, not necessarily in the order to follow:

1) Militarism is a proven failed ideology. Every war since WWI has been an illegal war.
2) Your duty to our nation’s military is over.
3) Your duty to our nation is entering a new chapter. Seize this opportunity to learn, grow and cultivate the human being you are to its fullest potential.
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Conscientious Objector Status

To: The United States of America’s Military Leadership and Personnel:

Did we not as active duty members of the armed forces and the greater Veteran community pledge to defend the constitution of the United States of America? Is not the increasing privatization of the United States Military creating a corrupt and reckless regime in our midst? Don’t we as veterans of conscience and patriotism have a responsibility here? The more the Pentagon defaults into a mercenary military force, the more illegal and unconstitutional will be the fight.
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Militarism Unethical

Is not the assassination of the Iranian General in Iraq a telling indication that the empire is corrupt and broken? It might be time to realize American military might isn’t taking over the world. America has fast become a military war machine and an ethical infant. Veterans feel this moral wound in their soul.
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Pentagon Unaccountability

The Pentagon has thrown its helmet into the Veteran suicide prevention ring. Maybe it’s time for a long held denial to come to light.
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Myth and Militarism

One of the myths exposed by mostly American water and environmental protectors at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in 2016 was the hypocrisy of the European settlers who orchestrated a military style assault on people protesting an oil pipeline being constructed on their property. Knowing that these oil pipelines leak, the settlers living in and around Bismarck had said no to the original planned path of the pipeline. “Run it through 'injun' land because we don't want it leaking into our water supply.” The hypocrisy and denial!
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Commission for National Reconciliation

General Omar Bradley once said, “The World has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than about peace.” Is it not time to remove the “chip” off the shoulder of “American exceptional–ism” or at least create a path toward conscientious objection to this madness and toward creating a Commission on National Reconciliation?
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Militarism as Failed Business Plan

The one certain thing Donald Trump has done for the nation is to give us a sterling example of America in default mode. The system is broken and Donald Trump being President is a starkly poetic example of how the system is in traumatic disorder and disrepair. We all feel the political friction of hate sparking incidents of violence throughout America. Militarism is showing its ugly face and Trump’s hand. The divisiveness and hate stirred are nothing new. It has no place to hide in a perception-based world without moral compass.
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Wiist Report

The American Public Health Association. APHA, produced a paper in June of 2014, commonly known as the Wiist report, “The role of public health in the prevention of war.” The document addresses militarism in our social fabric. “From WWII to 2001, the United States launched 201 military operations around the world, not counting Afghanistan and Iraq.” This is one of the many indicators of militarism that has permeated our social fabric. The report stresses that we take a realistic approach to militarism and its adverse effect on our national health.
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Supremacy At What Cost?

The truth of nuclear supremacy is a dangerous, unsustainable, insecure world. The myth of nuclear supremacy is to leverage control and dominate the world. Our democratic form of government has been one of the victims with the onset of Nuclear Weapons as is the environment. We the People have the power to affect the necessary change. Encourage allies, City Councils, Civic and Service Organizations to ratify the UN Nuclear Weapon ban of 2017.
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Militarism Failed Business Plan II

George W. Bush received the “Liberty Award” at the National Constitution center in Philadelphia on Sunday November 11. Many veterans believe Bush Jr. did not deserve such an award. Past recipients being Vaclav Havel, Sandra Day O’Connor and Nelson Mandela. It’s sounding like an overt admission that it is O.K. to usurp the constitution and start a war of aggression. Many veterans continue on and exercise the pledge to defend the constitution of the United States of America. Many veterans believe that George W and his sponsors built a false case for the United States going to war against Iraq in 2003 and that responsibility falls on Bush.
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Militarism Can Lose Wars?

In an issue of the Atlantic back in 2015, James Fallows had an excellent article on the Tragedy of the American Military. He exposed the depth of corruption in the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex. Fallows emphasized that we are on a dangerous road with having no accountability with decision makers in the Pentagon initiating “unwinnable” wars. Has any member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff resigned from failure to achieve “strategic” goals in Iraq? In the Atlantic article, former military intelligence officer, Jim Gourley wrote in the blog, Best Defense, “Evaluated according to the goals set forth by our military leadership, the war ended in utter defeat for our forces.”
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War Illegal

August 27th is the anniversary of the signing of the Kellogg-Briand Pact. Signed by President Hoover in 1928, it was drafted by Secretary of State, Frank Kellogg and France’s Foreign Minister Aristide Briand. They won a Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. The pact, outlawing war as an instrument of policy, was signed by several countries including the United States, France, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union among the 2 dozen countries agreeing that war is not acceptable. The Kellogg-Brand Act was ratified by the United States Senate by a vote of 85 to 1 making it the law of our land under Article 6 of our Constitution.
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Pentagon Cesspool

Donald Trump commented frequently during the campaign that he had a plan to end the war on terror. If Trump could acknowledge this plan and its support within the Veteran community and its resources, he could implement his plan effectively.
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Myth & Militarism II

If there were any heroics demonstrated in recent years, it was the action of veterans who made the journey to help defend water protectors at Standing Rock in Dakota country. Paraphrasing a Denver area veteran, “I felt a calling to go up there when I found out how my fellow Americans’ constitutional rights were literally being trampled upon by militarized police.” The same veteran went on to say, “I actually felt like I was defending the American people for the first time.” These veterans were willing to defend Americans who were defending their water supply from corporate irresponsibility. They had “come home” to America.
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Standing Army

When I was growing up during the cold war, a neighbor of mine offered his thoughts on the nation he loved: “America will never be defeated from without, but it was most vulnerable to the enemy within”. My neighbor was an American army medic during WWII and a respected policeman. His words have stayed with me throughout my life: Even George Washington, warned Americans of the dangers a standing army would pose to our constitutional government.
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Pentagon Fears Accountability

It’s time we ask the Joint Chiefs of Staff who they really work for. What the top brass at the Pentagon really fear is being held accountable.
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Militarism as 4th Branch

Harry Truman wrote in the Washington Post in December of 1963 that the CIA, created in his administration as an intelligence arm of the President, had already began to exert itself as a branch of government.
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Prophets Amongst Us

As we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., let us hope to realize the simple yet profound impact his life and ministry has had on our nation, whether we see Dr. King as a biblical Old Testament prophet advocating America to live up to its potential as a nation “blessed by God” or as a man of his time who not only believed in equality and justice for all but felt obligated to answer the call to conscience. Being a Christian minister, Martin Luther King Jr. believed in Christ working through our conscience to attain that sense of being that many Americans share: out of many, one. But to get there meant for many to get rid of some deep–rooted prejudices and perceptions of other people. The civil rights struggle was and still is a time for America to confront some attitudes and beliefs that were contrary to the soul but prevalent in the United States of America at the time.
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We’re all familiar with the term, “the system is broken”, but why can’t we seem to do anything about it? With the present irresponsibility in Washington, around the country and the world, it could be the time to admit that militarism is the cause of this brokenness. Our inability to deal with corruption within the Pentagon is a mental health crisis because we’ve all been paid off with false promises and lies. The Pentagon failing a self–audit was the proverbial red flag.

Chain of Fools

From where I stand, Americans will have gone through a paradigm shift of values by the time we learn the moral wounds cause by militarism from this pandemic. We will be better because our values were snap shot by mother nature. Much like war, this virus took human lives, created fear provided real heroes and hit humanity ill prepared. It’s teaching us on so many levels it is like the tsunami of tomorrow is today. We would be children playing if we did not heed its lessons. The effects of Sars-Co-V-2 (COVID-19) have revealed a crisis of government and leadership, while magnifying the homeless problem, which begs for a business solution. Meanwhile, the business community is busy fighting fake wars of attrition against imagined threats to the Empire. Everyone knew such a pandemic was coming but the vital question: Why was the perceived readiness of America’s military not ready for pandemic? Do they not have contingency plans? Were they ready or were their plans buried in a file cabinet somewhere in the Pentagon?

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